We are now applying the idea of cryptocurrency to a citation which you observe within an industry.
Choose an industry where you feel some degree of familiarity, or you would like to spend time, researching and learning about it.
For your chosen industry, perform a PESTLE analysis. What problems do companies in your space experience? What limits pertain to customers, which limit the industrys growth? What potentials exist, if certain technological factors change, for the industry? Do certain technological issue threaten the industry? In short, where does the industry experience issues in reaching customers, or otherwise delivering on their potential?
What productivity issues inhibit companies from surviving in the space? Where do smaller companies fail to capture market share versus bigger ones, or vice versa?
Where do the demographics of consumers seem to limit or frame the growth picture for the industry?
Where does the industry encourage a digital behavior, or a participation via digital means? Does a digital consumer behavior enhance the profit scheme, or open up new opportunities for the industry?