After the readings this week, answer the following two questions in a minimum of 200 words:

(1) In sociology, we learn about different social institutions, and in this course, we look at the connection between two key institutions: family and government.  In theory, functionalists say social institutions were created and established to aid society in some function.  Families raise and teach the next generation, and the government establishes rules of law and order.  The government steps in when there is a need for additional help or when something needs to be regulated.  What is the result when the family unit it constantly changing, as it has over the past seventy years?  How does the government respond to such change?

(2) Functionalists have their own perspective, but conflict theorists have a different idea.  Conflict theorists, such as Karl Marx, believe society is a competition where everyone is fighting for limited resources.  Based on your knowledge of family policy so far, what perspective or ideas do you think conflict theorists take on family policy, particularly the government’s role in the family unit?