decide how to best measure the behavior that you have chosen. For example, how much time, in minutes, do you study per day?  How much mountain dew, in ounces, do you drink daily?  In your writing assignment, discuss how you think you could measure the behavior.  Your professor will let you know if this way would be effective for your project.  Once that is approved, you will begin to measure the behavior every day for two weeks WITHOUT making any changes to the behavior.  This will provide you with a baseline for your behavior so you know where you are before you change things.  You will be measuring your baseline during weeks 3 and 4 of this class.
In addition to how you will measure your behavior, discuss at least 5 positive reinforcers that would be effective for you (or your child, if you chose that option) personally.  Remember that a positive reinforcer is something that you add in your environment that increases your behaviors after you meet a goal.  For instance, you could add things like: candy, watching a movie, visiting with a friend, or walking (assuming you like all these things).