What are some of the significant reasons or causes for the low voter turnout in America? Describe the  differences in the levels of voter turnout for presidential as opposed to other types of elections such as for  the presidency, Congress, state officials and local governments. Is voter apathy and alienation such a deeply rooted problem  in American that increasing voter turnout might prove to be very difficult?

What do you propose as ways to increase voter participation in elections? Will new technologies such as the Internet offer solutions to the low voter turnout in America? Does early voting increase voter participation?  Finally, if voter turnout is increased in the future, will that lead to an improvement of the American governmental system? That is, will government function better if more people participate in elections than do now? Was there a larger (or smaller) turnout for the November 2020 election than the 2016 presidential election? Why or why not? Which political party, if either, will benefit from the level of voter participation during the 2020 presidential and  congressional elections.