Peer review:

For this part of the assignment, imagine as you wish, that you will be the potential approver for the submitted project, thus it depends on you to make sure the proposal is worth it. You will be required to read a paper of one of your fellow students ( *I’m going to send you by SMS the paper that was assigned to me.), and will have the ability to grade the paper presented under the rubrics cube provided for the assignment. More importantly you will be required to write a minimum 3 paragraph review on the quality of the material presented. Under the following guidelines:

1-Is the issue at hand fully understandable? Or are you lost on what exactly needs fixing?

2-Did the paper encompass all affected stakeholders or do you consider there to be more? If you feel that it is sufficient, explain how you agree this would be correct.

3-Do you understand the solution presented? Or would you recommend any alternative steps to address the issue.

*please , answer the 3 questions