Choose your course & Major
Determine your interest (stage 1): here you present information about your values,  personality, interests and skills in one paragraph.
Discover your career (Stage 2): here you will present the information you have collected about the career you are pursuing or your dream job in the second paragraph.
Plan your career goals (stage 3): here you will describe your career goal and its specific action steps to accomplish it.

Making Good Decisions
Think of one problem you are experiencing now or before and illustrate how you will solve it using the problem-solving process. In your paragraph please include the following:

        Identify the problem

        Generate possible solutions

        Evaluate possible solutions

        Select and implement the best solution

Hint: a problem can be:  time management, writing skill, Speaking (English), Math problem,  examination problem, smoking, excessive sleeping, weight gain, etc.

Information Literacy
Discuss some of the things we should consider when using material for academic purposes. Which of the Boolean operators you normally use for academic search? Why do you think plagiarism is a crime? And How can we avoid plagiarism.