Please use your own words. This is very important.

Please read chapters 4 and 5 I have attached, please. If you can’t please don’t take this assignment thank you.

First, please watch and read the links I have attached here. The link is about resources on what are Mind Maps: Break it down with Mind Maps  and How to Make Mind Maps

Next, generate and create a Mind Map of your own that depicts, shows, and explains the intersection and connections between verbal and nonverbal communication.

Your Mind Map should contain and explain the following information from Chapters 4 and 5 and how it connects/relates to itself:

The symbolic abilities of language: Language defines, evaluates, organizes, allows hypothetical thought and self-reflection

The four principles that guide our understanding of nonverbal communication, discussed in Chp. 5

The nine types of nonverbal communication, discussed in Chp. 5

Use a Mind Map style that makes sense to you. A Mind Map is not just a listing of terms and definitions. It is also an explanation of what the content means and how the content connects to itself.