Using “Encouraging Learning” reading and your work from the corresponding Argument Analysis assignment (see file attachment for this, I have the answers), write an essay that fully conveys your position on Hsun Tzu’s argument. In no more than three pages, your writing should address at least the following points:

Your thesis – What is your position on the argument(s) being made in Encouraging Learning? How effective is his argument to you?
Technique – What specifically makes his argument effective or ineffective? Identify and describe specific aspects of his writing to explain this. If ineffective, what would have made this better and why? If effective, what is particularly effective and why? Examine the claims that are being made to support your effort here.
Credibility – Based on his choice of support for his argument, how credible do you believe Hsun Tzu to be on the topic? What makes him believable, if at all? What would, in your opinion make him more credible?

The Standard: 12 point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced.
Cover page with title, heading, and running head, page numbers upper right hand header.
1st person perspective not allowed. Use general terms that do not invoke the reader.
Standard essay mechanic – Introduction/thesis, body, conclusion