Sheep Brain Dissection: Systems Identification Activity
Specific aims
The focus of this activity will be for you to work with your group to identify and locate structures in the sheep brain related to specific neural systems.  This process will help you learn, 1)  the anatomical location of specific structures, 2) the connections between related structures, and 3) how this organization relates to function.

Activity Instructions
This activity will be separated into two parts: one focused on the external and mid-sagittal features and the other focused on the features found in the coronal and horizontal sections.  There parts will be conducted during separate lab sessions.  For both of these parts you will work in groups to identify structures related to specific neural systems, such those related to motor function, sensory processing, memory function, emotion and motivation, and higher cognitive reasoning.

Each group will be assigned a system and tasked with finding all structures that play a significant role in that system. You will need to utilize the sheep brain dissection guides provided in the associated modules to help you in your quest. 

Lastly,  each group will present their findings to the whole class and teach us the neuroanatomy of these systems.

Part I – External and Mid-Sagittal Features
Structure search and identification:  Using all resources provided (Scranton’s virtual guide, External features lab guide, & Mid-Sagittal features guide), locate areas that play a significant role in the system assigned to your group.  The assignments will be made during lab time.

You only need to identify structures that appear in the External or Mid-sagittal views. Each member of the group should identify at least one structure during this activity.

Group Presentation:  Upon completion of your search, each group will report their findings to the class. Each member of the group needs to present at least one of the structures found.

Part II – Coronal and Horizontal Features
This part of the activity will be the same as part one with the exception that groups will focus on structures that are visible in the coronal and horizontal sections of the sheep brain. 

This part will be conducted on a different day from Part I and will utilize different groups.

Structure Identification Table
You should use the tables in the link below to both organize your findings and submit them for your lab activity credit (5 points each).  If for some reason these tables don’t work with your device, you can submit another type of file as long as it includes your assigned system and the structures you identified.