1.    Are there any sports ethics principles that can be considered universal?

2.    How should sports ethics be addressed at the international level? Do sports ethics differ in other cultures

3.    Is too much emphasis placed on winning in sports? With so much money at stake and big contracts available in professional sports, players have more of a win at all costs attitude and most owners want nothing less.

4.    Which is more unethical: college players or professional players gambling on the outcome of their own games? Is it more damaging in college sports because of the participants involved, their relative youth, and the amateur nature of the match? What about the fact that college athletes are unpaid and professional athletes are highly paid employees who owe a fiduciary duty to their employer.

5.    Would it tarnish the integrity of a sport if fans could legally bet on a match at the stadium where the games are played?

6.    Team unity is vital to any teams success at all levels of sports. If a team works together, they are more likely to be successful on the field of play. A team must have the right chemistry between the players to win. With that in mind, when is it acceptable for a high school player to voice his or her opposition to the way a team is being run?