Imagine that a future minor client Kai and his parents sent you (his CBT practitioner) his blog to read with hopes that it will help you to get to know and understand him before you embark on the therapeutic relationship.
All course and textbook content is available to you.
Point form is acceptable as long as your responses are thoughtful. Titles and subtitles are acceptable and can help with organization.
Do not use direct quotes only paraphrase content is acceptable with citations and references.
Choose only eight of the below elements to apply to the case of Chi. How do you think you would apply these elements to Kies case? What would you do if you were his CBT oriented therapist?
a. Why use CBT
B. Therapeutic relationship
C. Active listening skills
D. Core competencies
E. Therapeutic tools
F. Common thinking biases
G. Negative automatic thoughts
H. The vicious cycle
I. Questions for information gathering
J. Measuring with questionnaires
K. Proximal and/or distal triggers
L. Setting S.M.A.R.T.  goals
M. Feeding back feedback
* at least two example applications and at least two example reasons
1. Brief introduction
2. Using any class materials define apply and rationalize each CBT element that you choose to apply to your case. All information must be in your own words then cited and referenced. Each element must be applied twice.
3. Write a brief conclusion
4. Include APA 7 style reference page

I have provided pictures of the case study you will be using.
Use the textbook cognitive behaviour therapy: foundations for practice 3rd edition. By Frank wills and Diana Saunders ISBN 978-1-84920-565-8