Watch the movie The Women Knight of Mirror Lake (2011) and answer the following question.

Plot synopsis:

The film tells the story of Qiu Jin  (1875-1907), the first Chinese female revolutionary martyr, and her involvement in revolutionary uprisings against the Qing Dynasty  in Anhui province. Influences on her life are shown through a series of flashbacks. As a child, Qiu Jin resisted having her feet bound according to common practice, and instead pursued her interests to learn horse riding, martial arts and literature with her father and brother. Through her poetry, she expresses her sorrow at the weak state of the nation and the repression of women. Finding other like minded women in Beijing and then travelling to Japan to study reinforces her view that nationalist action is required to reform China.
Returning to China, Qiu Jin takes the position as Xu Xilin ‘s lieutenant, assisting with the training of revolutionaries at the Datong school and plotting the revolution. Xu Xilin is later captured while executing the assassination of the governor, and Qiu Jin is captured when government forces storm the Datong school. Qiu Jin is tortured in an attempt to reveal other conspirators and she is later executed.

***Question: Use particular examples from the movie to explain what women issues in China in the late 19th and early 20th centuries are revealed by the film.