Midterm Paper
1) Chooseone(1)oftheconceptsbelow.
In what ways does it relate to specific circumstances/events in our modern life?
Mary Princess subtext on imperialism in her History Herman Melvilles racial stereotypes in Benito Cereno Henrik Ibsens feminist precedence in A Dolls House Nikolai Gogols Everyman-centric satire in The Overcoat Franz Kafkas parabolic symbolism in A Hunger Artist
2) Citeone(1)examplefromthetexttosupportyourthesis.
3) Quotefromthevideolesson(nolongerthantwolinesoftext).
Identify the professor/speaker.
4) Brieflycompareorcontrastyourchoicetooneotherentryonthelist.
Write a title that directly addresses your thesis Provide a clear thesis statement
Use vocabulary from class lectures
Submit 2-3 pages (2 full pages minimum)
Type in 12 pt. Times, double spaced, standard margins
You will be graded on:
Scholarly tone (third person objective, no slang or clichs) Skill with language: grammar, syntax, and punctuation
No late submissions accepted. Plagiarism will result in failing the course.