Find and list all DIRECT competitors that sell hotdog and any INDIRECT competitors ( e.g. Coca Cola and the  water industry) WHO MAY BE ABLE TO ENTER YOUR INDUSTRY AND MARKETS and  for each research the following areas:

* market share
* product lines
* Product/Service features
* pricing
* target markets
* supply chain
* distribution channels
* Marketing, advertising and social media strategies
* Promotions
* competitive advantage in the market place
* return policies
* How/Where do end users purchase the companies products
* Articles written about the company

You are required to call each competitor directly to gather  information. You must document time of call, who you spoke to, their  position in the company and a synopsis of what you learned in the call.  Must make at least three attempts to call, and document each one.

The paper shall be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margins on ALL  FOUR SIDES. All sources of data, quotes, and facts set forth in  researched materials shall be numerically footnoted and each footnote  shall be set forth in seriatim on a separate page titled, END NOTES  which shall be numbered but does NOT count toward the FIVE-PAGE MINIMUM  length of the analysis. A separate bibliography (after the End Notes)  shall be made a part of the analysis but does NOT count toward the  Four-PAGE

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