You are a customer service representative for a regional hospital. You do not handle medical issues, only those related to patient satisfaction and facilities. It is the middle of July and there has been an HVAC equipment failure, affecting the entire wing housing maternity and delivery. There are forty-two women currently admitted. Your phone is ringing off the hook, and a very nervous new father is standing outside you door. Youve been informed that delivery of the necessary parts and the subsequent repair will take at least thirty-six hours.
You will assist four of the affected patients or their family members with their concerns regarding the lack of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in the maternity ward.
– must be styled as a log report, with the name of the fictional hospital, date, shifts,
– for each interaction note time, describe who is voicing a concern, the problem, and the approach you are taking to assist the customer
– be sure to include in the interaction any source of conflict, and the ultimate resolution.