Make sure you follow these directions.  I have also uploaded the articles that will need to be used.

Directions: Synthesize all of the information you have read on culturally-relevant pedagogy to answer the following questions: (Copy the questions onto your response. Use complete sentences, professional language and grammar.)

What is culturally-relevant pedagogy?
Some would say culturally-relevant teaching is about best practices. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
What mindsets and behaviors would increase culturally relevant practices in the classroom?
Is culturally relevant teaching necessary for all groups of children? Explain.
Did any information bring up more questions for you?
Did you disagree with any information you read?
Use the Culturally Relevant Pegagogy: Writing Rubric as you write your responses. Self-assess your work with the rubric prior to submission.

Criteria for Mastery: 13 points Any criteria that is scored as a 1 must be resubmitted.