1. Address the bullets below.

Answer question #1 at the end of Chapter 1 in Team Writing (p. 11).
Complete the Team Preparation Worksheet in Chapter 3 of Team Writing (p. 30).
Find 2-3 collaboration tools applications and another 2-3 web meeting applications.
2. In your initial discussion board posting, use your answer to question #1 and the completed team prep worksheet to draft the following sections for the Team Charter (do this individually for now. You will synthesize your work later.)

Broad Team Goals
Measurable Team Goals
Other Concerns
3. Find two applications you can collaborate with. such as Zoom and Google Hangouts.

4. Then, list and link to each application you found for collaborating with your teammates. Briefly discuss at least one thing you like about each and at least one thing that worries you about using each.

Please find samples provided and base your work on it, this should be very simple with the sample provided.