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Project management involves the identification and mobilization of resources in order to achieve goals. The following case study is an excellent example of this process and demonstrates the power of a successful project management process. This case involves an engineering firm charged with the challenge of maintaining the infrastructure of a series of new highways. This might sound simple but the reality was the complex maintenance plans for the new roadways were not organized, budgeted for and were all written on paper.
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Improving project success: A case study using benefits and project management
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Discussion Instructions
Initial Post: After reading the case study, please answer the following questions: (Initial Post due Wednesday of Module 6 by 11:59 pm ET.)
When you consider the best practices of project management which did you see come to life through this case study?
Based on the case study, make a recommendation on the different types of tools and techniques that could have been used.
As you reflect on the challenges within the case study, which can you relate to within your own management/leadership practice? Please describe the challenge and how you see it relating.