Title: be a little creative but give a clue about your paper.

Introduction: some background, include your thesis and why, briefly.
Do only 2 of the summaries below.
Summarize Patrick Moore, in 3 to 5 sentences.

Summarize Maddie Perello, in 3 to 5 sentences.

Take the strongest argument of the person you disagree with, and show why it is wrong.
Give your point of view.

+If you do any research and cite statistics, or use words or ideas of someone not

  you, cite correctly both in the body and at the end in a Works Cited.

+ Points for quoting and citing correctly. If you use any of the words in the essays,

    use quote marks

+ Introduce quotes, for example, Moore claims that , but he is wrong.

+ Points not deducted if you use according to X correctly.

+ Remember coherence: for example, and shows a list, because shows a cause, so

    shows an effect.