In this reflection and discussion, you will take an opportunity to reflect back on Module One, Module Two, and their learning outcomes:

Write a coherent and integrated reflection essay (about 700-750 words) considering the following questions as related to Modules One and Two, particularly Units 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7:

What stood out and was most interesting for you in completing these units?
How did certain theoretical concepts in these units relate to your personal interests and experiences?
How well did you achieve the learning outcomes of these modules? 
How do you think you can use and apply what you learn in these modules?

Follow these directions:

Please use and explain course concepts and perspectives concisely, accurately, coherently, and appropriately
Make sure your reflection essay is well-organized and comprehensive, focusing on the most essential and important points in the course so far and discussing explicitly appropriate course concepts and perspectives of the modules.
The essay should consist of paragraphs, with a clear thesis and argument as well as an appropriate introduction and conclusion.
Demonstrate that you comprehend concepts and perspectives well
Use your own words and complete sentences
Stay within the required word count for your answer
Make sure to paraphrase assigned readings and discuss video clips appropriately to show you comprehend them
Provide in-text citation by mentioning the last name of the author
Provide short titles of documentary video clips
Make sure to practice academic honesty. Do not plagiarize.
No direct quotes from assigned readings nor other external sources
An exemplary answer appropriately discusses almost all of the assigned readings and video clips
No direct quotes from zoom sessions as well as my recorded clips
You should paraphrase content from documentary video clips