The year is 2020. Since COVID-19 has spread throughout the world, Hollywood has become very interested in producing films about contagion, epidemics, and disease. You are a young filmmaker who majored in History at CU Boulder. You have an idea to pitch a historical film that tells the story of a viral outbreak in the eighteenth century. This is your first independent film and you are looking for funding. Building off of stories and evidence found in Elizabeth Fenns Pox Americana, write a three-page film proposal that will convince a funding agency to support your film. Pick a story or stories from Pox Americana that you wish to adapt to screen. Who will be your narrator or protagonist? George Washington? A Continental soldier? A former slave in Dunmores army? A pueblo child in New Mexico? A trader in the Hudsons Bay Company? What particular historical lessons do you think contemporary audiences will learn from this eighteenth century story? What lessons do you want audiences to take away?

Decide how you want to tell this story and pitch it to your investors. Remember: There are several former History majors at this funding agency, so your description should both tell a story and make a historical argument about what you represent in your film. Youll impress the funders most if you give examples of primary and secondary sources that inform your film.

I was given this link to a youtube video.

Also I don’t know how to link the book pox Americana but I think you can find it online.