Global Marketing Plan – Final Project (previous parts attached)

For the applied learning experience of this course, you will develop a Global Marketing Plan that includes ten major sections. (See The International Marketing Plan Guide pdf attached) The objectives of this project are to (1) experience the understanding of theory and the application to the “real world” of global market analysis, organizing, planning, implementing and controlling, and decision-making and (2) to develop career-building skills of communications (interviewing, discussing, explaining, presenting), analytical, and critical thinking. You will develop a Global Marketing plan for a successful startup company that wants to expand outside its home country. To achieve a successful international/global strategy, there must be a complete understanding (knowledge) of that country (foreign market).

The research for this project will require a variety of sources, e.g., course assignments, the library, Internet, and field research. Sources should include business sources, trade associations, Chamber of Commerce, Florida and U.S. Departments of Commerce, on the Internet and in the Library. Other secondary sources may be used.

As in the real world certain data and information may not be available; in these situations marketers must make some (well-grounded, supported, stated) assumptions.  Another critical component to this project being successful is that this is not just a report but rather an analysis too. You are expected to include your take (understanding and analyses) of the various areas (or project sections) being presented with an analysis at the end of each major section.


International Marketing Plan Guide PDF: This guide is just that. You will use the format of the guide, but not all sections of the guide will apply to your individual company and product. As you plan, research and complete your project you will narrow down each section to be used in the best way for your plan. Don’t let the size and details of the guide overwhelm you. Just take it one section at a time. There are assignments throughout the semester that should help you to build your plan in an organized manner.