Here is the Intro and work related sections COMPLETED ( see MyPaper attached). Please finish the rest of the sections so it looks like the sample( See PAPER SAMPLE attached as a reference).

In order to do this: You must create a Jupyter Notebook with detailed comments of why you did what you did with each coding block. See Coding Example attached of similar dataset with different research objectives at the links below:

Note: I want mine to be as simple as possible. I want it just enough to fulfill the research paper objective. Hopefully shows choosing the optimal model out of couple of models.

My research topic:

Using transactions data and machine learning model to predict what a customer is going to purchase on their next visit to the store. This is done using point of sale data (sales transactions data) and a machine learning model ( a classifier ).

The data I intend to use for this paper (sales transactions data):

Note: It would be better to use real data if you find one (please revise the dataset section in the paper had you decided to do so):

NOTE: See the unfinished paper (attached) . I also want the rest of the sections to look and sound like the (SAMPLE PAPER attached).

Deliverables: MyPaper.doc updated and Juypter Notebook created.

Thank you