First, read the questions in the assessment below so you will have a general idea of what you will be looking for in the article. Next, open and read the attached PDF article. Answers to the questions should be written in accurate, detailed, and complete sentences (2-4 per question).

1. Describe the issue (the underlying problem) the article discusses and describe the proposed solution.
2. Describe the information that is presented as evidence in the article that demonstrates the need to address the issue.
3. Describe any projected/expected outcomes that are used to justify the solution proposed in the article.
4. Based upon your understanding of the policy proposal in this article, state whether you support/oppose the policy proposed (or even offer a different policy choice) and then explain why you take that position. (HINT: you might want to wait to answer this question last so you have completely thought about all the nuances of this assignment from the other questions!)
5. Describe problems the issue creates for individuals (How might you or someone else be personally affected by the issue?).
6. Evaluate the positive and negative effects the proposed solution may have on individuals.
7. Explain if and how the proposed solution supports values of democracy, such as liberty, equality, justice, independence, opportunity, and freedom.
8. Describe ways individuals (you and/or others) might change their community involvement or political participation if this proposed solution was adopted.