Prompt: Heroes. Think about the portrayals of Jason in Apollonios Argonautika (epic poem) and Don Chaffeys movie: Jason and the Argonauts. How does each author describe the heros important qualities (what are some important similarities and differences)? What particular message was each author trying to convey through his portrayal of the hero?

Write a CLEAR, PERSUASIVE and THOUGHTFUL essay on the topic.
–To be CLEAR, your essay should have a thesis (argument, claim, interpretation) that
you want to convince your reader of; it should state the thesis simply; and it should
focus upon proving or demonstrating this thesis.
–To be PERSUASIVE, your essay should make effective use of evidence (from reading and movie) to support or demonstrate your thesis.
–To be THOUGHTFUL, your essay should consider all the evidence and should take account of possible objections or counter-examples.

I have attached some notes on Apollonios Argonautika (epic poem) and Don Chaffey’s movie: Jason and the Argonauts in the word document below. I would encourage you to read these notes. In addition, when using evidence, please do quote from the actual epic itself (written by Apollonios). You will also probably need to cite some scenes from Don Chaffey’s movie: Jason and the Argonauts.

Do this writing task within 4-5 pages double spaced.

Lastly, credit anything that is not your own work. List ALL sources (books, websites, etc) that you consulted. Footnote EVERY argument, explanation, or idea that you have adopted or adapted.When in doubt, give a citation. In conclusion, please do not plagiarize  from prior works or any source, as this essay will be run through grammarly and turnitin.