Here is the midterm exam.  Write 3 or 4 good paragraphs for each questions with references for each individual question listed with the paragraphs for that question.

Answer the following 5 questions in essay format (should be about a page for each question) and provide references using APA format.

1) Could a business use information technology to increase switching costs and lock in its customers and suppliers?  Use business examples based on cloud computing to support your answers.

2) What are several major business benefits and concerns that organizations can realize by connecting all of their employees with wireless mobile devices?  How should the firm handle the security issues?

3) CRM and CRM powered by AI raises issues of invasion of privacy since conclusions can be drawn about a customer’s behavior from the data commonly collected.  Discuss the potential privacy issues.  How can an organization meet the needs of serving its customers while simultaneously protecting their privacy?

4) Assume you are starting a Web-based business.  Are any economic, business, or societal developments occurring that are being overlooked as new Web-based business opportunities, or would you choose a second-mover strategy against an established Web-business?  Discuss the reasons for your choice of a Web-based business.

5) How can a manager of a large corporation demonstrate that he or she is a responsible end user of information systems?  Give several examples