Managing Non-Governmental Organizations in the Health Sector 
Individual Assignment Instructions
The goal of this assignment is to explore a topic related to the current real-world challenges faced by an international NGO. Two prompts are provided. Follow the Rubric Gradings, then Write an essay in response to the following one or two prompts.
You should write a total of 1500-2000 words, excluding references and tables. Structure your assignment however you wish. I would advise using sub-headings to organize sections of your essay (though this is not required).
Write prose, not bullet points.
If you include any quotations or references to journal articles, website pages, or other documents, you should cite these as you would for a formal publication. Use whatever citation style you pre
1. Branding, logos, and marketing are a reality for NGOs looking to satisfy donors and establish recognition at home and abroad. Describe how one or more NGOs handle their promotion efforts, and the implications – positive and negative – that it has for their operations.
2. Institutional donors are becoming increasingly specific about the activities that an NGO should undertake to receive grants and other funding. Some argue that NGOs now operate more as “contractors” with less flexibility or incentive for community-driven development. Discuss this phenomenon in relation to one or more NGOs, and how it has or hasn’t affected the NGO’s work.

Rubric Grading
A high-scoring assignment will demonstrate an understanding of the topic in general and of how it affects one or more NGOs specifically.

Item    Percentage of grade
Demonstrates an understanding of the topic    30%
Refers to existing commentary and analysis of the topic    20%
Gives concrete examples of how the topic relates specifically to one or more NGOs    20%
Demonstrates thoughtfulness and reflection on how the topic might affect the NGO(s), beyond the publicly available information    20%
Overall clarity and presentation    10%
TOTAL    100%