1.  Please describe  (in a  few sentences)  a  topic area  of interest  related  to  social  networks  that  you  are considering or would consider for a final project proposal.
2.  What  are some  examples  of research questions that  you  could  draw  from this  topic?Hint:thinkabout variation in some outcome, like total points scored in a soccer game, or number of bills passedin a legislative session.  What is the outcome of interest in your topic area?  How does it vary?  Thiswill help lead you to a research question.
3.  With which social network does this question/do these questions engage?  Who are the nodes?  Whatis the nature of the ties that connect them?
4.  Without perhaps having yet done any research on this topic, what do you think the short answer toyour research question might be?  This answer may and very well could change, so dont worry if you dont have a lot of information or perspective on the topic right now.