Recall from Meyers Chapter 1 that Agency is the simplest of the professional-client relationships. The client is sufficiently knowledgeable to achieve an established goal, and the professional serves as the agent by helping the client achieve that goal. In this discussion, you will enact this relationship amongst yourselves. Each of you has an essay due at the end of this module; your task is to act as an agent who will help your peers achieve that goal. You will do that by providing helpful insights to strengthen each others critical thinking.

Initial Post:
By Thursday of Module 3, post a brief description of the film or television show that youve chosen for your Module 3 Essay. Your post should include:

the name of the film or television show that you have chosen;
a profile of the character in question;
a plot summary;
an important clip from the movie that features something about your selected character.
Lastly, please apply specific terms from the textbook to identify and describe the ethical challenge that your character faces.

Reply Posts:
From Friday through Sunday of Module 3, return to this thread and reply to as many of your peers posts as you’d like, along with those who replied to you. Please use specific terms from the Meyers toolkit when you respond to the summaries posted by your peers.


After completing this discussion, you will be grading yourself on your performance in this specific discussion. Your instructor may or may not join in this discussion, so we ask that you practice ethics by taking responsibility for your performance.
Please review the self-evaluation form before you do the actual self-evaluation so that you can meet the requirements, honestly evaluate yourself, and get full credit.
After you complete the discussion, click Next to fill out the evaluation form, which is automatically graded.
The self-evaluation form will open on Saturday and the due date is the following Tuesday 11:59 PM ET.

Self-Evaluation Form
After each Student Discussion, you will evaluate yourself using a four-question short quiz in each module. The quiz questions relate directly to the required criteria of each Student Discussion.

Some of the questions ask you to practice strategies that lead to establishing stronger ethical relationships. We typically think we are practicing ethical behaviors in our relationships and professions, but you might be surprised to discover some new strategies in your textbook to promote better interactions.

Please review this form to preview the questions that will be asked so you can meet the requirements, honestly evaluate yourself, and get full credit.
Module 3

In my initial post, I answered all the questions and clearly mentioned the ethical challenge that the character faces. (True/False)
In my initial post, I specifically described the ethical challenge that the character faces by using specific terms from Meyers toolkit. (True/False)
I replied to at least one post, and I provided details by using specific terms from Meyers toolkit. (True/False)
Given the steps that Meyers has outlined, I am aware of how to deliberately analyze an ethical situation. (True/False)