In this discussion, please choose and respond to two of the prompts that follow. Topic prompts are generally comprised of several sub-questions, of which all must be addressed. Responses should be in original wording and contain a few images or videos to enhance the posting. The inclusion of researched information from supplemental resources is highly encouraged (cited in MLA format below your answers). Remember that you are expected to read postings created by classmates and the instructor and thoughtfully comment on a few of them as well. Your participation will enable us to learn from and through each other.

Please include your selected topic questions above your responses.

Topic 1: What were the reasons or motivations (both ostensible and genuine) behind the Spanish-American War? What were some positive and negative outcomes of this conflict?

Topic 2: How and why did John Muir become involved with environmental conservation? Who were some of his influences and whom did he inspire? What were some accomplishments of the Sierra Club and at least one setback for it?

Topic 3: In your view, what were three significant progressive reforms that emerged during the first decades of the 20th century that profoundly altered American society for the better? Explain your answer.

Topic 4: Some Americans were largely excluded from the societal improvements of the progressive era. Supplementing your response with information obtained through basic research, provide details for two marginalized groups during the years 1890 through 1917.

Topic 5: What were three actions and behaviors that you believe made Teddy Roosevelt such a consequential president? What were one or two that you disagree with and why? How do you think Teddy Roosevelt would be regarded today?