Music therapy and paint therapy are gaining importance and more health care professionals are recommending and prescribing this type of complementary therapy. Please go to (The University of North Dakota) and review their Music Therapy classes. Enter Music Therapy in the search box within the und site.  The university has a major called Music Therapy. Review the courses needed to become a music therapist.

Then go to “ I want you to read the following:

What is Music Therapy?
Definition and Quotes about Music Therapy
Frequently Asked Questions
Music Therapy with Specific Populations
Learning about Music Therapy
Personal Stories
History of Music Therapy
Music Therapy Around the World and on the Web
Music Therapy in the Media
Now watch this Ted Talks video that details the health benefits of music therapy.
Next, think about guided imagery. Search the web and review websites to get a feel how guided imagery and paint therapy can help one relax.
Last, investigate the importance of spiritual therapy as it relates to decreasing stress and to improve attitudes and well-being.
Here is your assignment:
Case Study:

You have a mental wellness client diagnosed with depression and anxiety who is progressively getting worse and is now hospitalized to receive additional treatments. You have your degree in Music Therapy and experience in Guided Imagery and are working as an expressive therapist. . You are going to visit her and help her decrease her stress and emotional pain she feels. How will you provide her with good tips to reduce her stress and manage anxiety and how will you help introduce her to music therapy and guided imagery?

Your client can be any age (child to older adult).

Your posting should be in a narrative format as if you are talking directly to the patient.