the instructions provided in the picture. Don’t not use outside resources, use only the slides

Think about a situation you are familiar with in which a leader was very ineffective. This could be a current or former manager, teacher/professor, friend, parent or anyone you know who was put in a Leadership position. This does not necessarily mean this was a bad person, just that they performed poorly as a leader given the situation they were put in.

Step 1 – Answer the following questions:

What sources of power did this leader have?

Did the leader have enough power to influence his or her followers?

What kinds of behaviors did this leader engage in?

Were they appropriate for the situation? Why or why not?

In your opinion, do you think this leader was a task-oriented leader or a relationship-oriented leader?

What steps did this leader take to motivate his or her followers?

Were these steps appropriate or inappropriate? Why?

What signs, if any, did this leader show of being a transformational leader?

answer each question individually no less than 300 words