For your first Opry Assignment, please answer the below questions on a word document, followed by a three paragraph review of the show.  Please be detailed in your review, and avoid comments like “it was good, I like country music.”  What did you think of the lyrics and song subject matter?  Or the instrumentations? Even the clothes of the performers?  Did anything surprise you?  You are not required to like the show; in fact explaining your dislike would make for an interesting review.


What group opened and closed the show?
When did this group officially join the Grand Ole Opry?
What are a few of the places that host Bobby Bones mentioned they have played?
Why does co-host Natalie Stovall host certain segments of the Opry?  What else is happening while she is on camera?
What circle does Michael Ray talk about, and why is it significant?
How was the recording of Michael Rays third album different in COVID times?
What song do Maddie and Tae open their set with?
What major life event have both Maddie and Tae gone through in the past few years about (and written a song about)?
What had Maddie and Tae not been able to do with their latest #1 Hit, Can You Die From a Broken Heart?
What song does the opening group close the show with?

Link to watch the January 30th Opry: