1. find a resource and list three common coping problems parents meet when their Adolescent Is Going Through Puberty. Each point should be within 20 words. For example, “70% parents find that they can no longer communicate with adolescent children as they did a few years ago” The three points should come from the same resource.
2. Find a resource and list three advantages of good coping strategies and three disadvantages of bad coping strategies. Each point should be within 20 words. For example,”good parents coping is related to higher acdamic performance of adolescence” or “bad coping is related to more risk of depression”. The resource can be the same as the first part. The advantage can focus on family relationship and future development of the adolescents.

sources must be reputable non-journal article sources that could include
Government or educational websites (e.g., Statistics Canada)
Reports or fact sheets from non-for-profit organization or research groups (e.g.,
Mayo Clinic, Vanier Institute for the Family)
Reputable Advocacy Groups (e.g., Alzheimer Society Canada)