How do these two disorders differ? How are they treated? What factors may play a role in susceptibility and recovery from each?

You are to use a minimum of four references but not more than eight

Introductory Paragraph: Abstract Introduce the presentation of the topic. Very brief summary of the topic. Thesis statement: Describe the specific issue that you are responding or reacting to; agree, disagree, connect with, evaluate etc. Organizing Ideas, Opinions, and Viewpoints: Thesis statement forms the basis of the essay. Decide on a few key ideas that express your thesis statement. Describe at least three of these key ideas. Develop your ideas in each paragraph by using examples, giving details, and using material from the presentation. Body of the Essay: Discuss the topic and your response/reaction to it referring to the presentation. If disputing the facts or the conclusions, give solid reasons to support your interpretation. Always be accurate with the titles and authors. If you use any quotes from the text book, you may use parenthetical citation. If you quote from another book, then a footnote is necessary. Concluding Paragraph: Reiteration of your thesis statement.