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After reading the material and listening to the lectures, I believe the most important point that would encourage psychology and Christian spirituality in human service counseling is the understanding that all human abilities are a gift from God. Clinton (2015) stated that he saw a strong correlation between biblical truth and psychology. His correlation determined that the people in the Bible struggled with negative habits and thoughts, with sins and wounds, and with fears and hopes. His correlation makes it easy to incorporate both psychology and Christian spirituality. 

On the grounds of Christian spirituality, it is believed that if you struggle with negative habits and thoughts and you believe in God, God will make a way for you to overcome any and every barrier you may face.  Isaiah 41:10 states So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. On the other hand, psychology plays a part because of the way people see or interpret things that determine their behavior.

To utilize the Christian approach in human service counseling, I would first integrate the Christian worldview as per week two lecture one. I will let the client know that no one is perfect and that the way we view life and situations depends on how we interpret what is going on around us and our reactions to it. I will then explain the five keys to an integrated worldview from week two lecture one. Which are:

Essential unity of all truths as Gods
Human abilities are gifts from God
Human life is unified on an individual and corporate levels
Human sin and finitude are limiting factors
Humans have limited interpretation
Once the client understands that as a human we are not in full control of our lives and that God is, he or she may have a different perspective and not fault themselves.

To answer the question What is the solution to your problem? I believe it is better to draw from psychology and spirituality/theology than just worldview. I say that because not everyone will be spiritual. There are many beliefs in the world today and not everyone believes in a higher being. If we use just one worldview, how are we to assist atheists? We can better assist our clients if we directly help them based on who they are.


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