Stone et al. (2010): Ch. 7, 8, & 10

Pick at least two (2) concepts or topics discussed in Stone et al. (2010) Chapters 7, 8, and 10. Discuss how the concepts you chose apply to the process of addressing ethical dilemmas. Provide an example (real or hypothetical) of how these concepts may be applied within an ethical dilemma.
Grading Guideline: 
Incorporated readings as evidenced by citations of readings and using content within the readings to respond to the prompts provided (2 points)
Incorporated personal experience (2 points)
For example: How does the reading relate to specific aspects or experiences in your personal life? What reactions are you having to reading (e.g., did something surprise you, confuse you)? What emotion(s) are you feeling? What do you think about it (e.g., do you agree or disagree with points made in the readings and why)?
Addressed the prompt provided on Brightspace (2 points)
Writing style (e.g., grammar, APA style) (2 points)