Final Project instructions and submission requirements:

As you know, the BizCafe Simulation Game is your final project. All the instructions for playing the simulation are given and if you have not purchased the simulation yet you should be aware that the first and second decisions within the simulation are due by Week 2!

After you complete all 10 portions :

1) Prepare a written report based on the following points and format requirements.

Format: APA format (Cover Page, Abstract, Introduction, Main body (with the content of the points below), Conclusions. 3-4 pages.

Points to be considered (choose and write about your results/experiences with topics below)

2.1. Highlights of your plan including your objectives and how you chose to achieve those objectives.

2.2. Your caf logo and advertisement/storefront (if applicable).

2.3. The number of servers employed and wages.

2.4. Your financial performance, including a discussion of important items on your income statement and balance sheet.

2.5. Key success factors in BizCafe.

2.6. Important “take-aways” from the simulation experience.

3. Remember this is worth 25% of your final grade.