For the discussion this week, you will discuss the steps of the research process. Specifically, youll be sharing how your process went as you established a topic and then completed the research for your annotated bibliography.

Provide a detailed initial post that responds to at least two of the four prompts noted below:

Considering the rhetorical situation: Describe your audience and your purpose. What was the setting? What did you need to consider at the very start of the process?
Identifying Research questions: Explain how you arrived at your thesis statement by creating initial questions on a topic. How did these musings thoughts or reflections and fuzzy questions develop into a viable research path? What makes an effective research question? How can a solid research question be transformed into a thesis?
Using strategic searches to conduct academic research: Explain to the reader what one must do to establish productive online searches using academic databases in the Herzing library. What is a Boolean operator? How can we use limiters to yield better results? What is a database? Which search terms and Herzing Library databases did you use for your search? In your post, provide the steps of your process.
Critically evaluate sources: How do we determine if a source is suitable? What is CRAAP? As you sort through your sources, what did you do to determine if they were credible or not? What did you look for?
Finally, address the following: What challenges have you overcome? What resources are available to you or what habits can you adopt to help you overcome these hurdles? What advice would you give other students?

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.