a response paper is just what it sounds like: what did you think about as you read through the article youve chosen; most people are unsure of what or how to write for this assignment, which is why I provide examples from earlier classes you can look at find them by navigating to the “Intro Module” and look at the “Miscellaneous Files and Documents” Page for access to the files; I would suggest reading through each of these, then perhaps choose to emulate the ones you like, or improve upon those you don’t
you shouldnt rely wholly on these examples, but youll note that each combines a bit of summary of what was read along with commentary and personal observations. One way to approach these writing assignments is to think, what do I know now that I didnt know before? or as I was reading through _______, I was struck by how it made me think of _______. Feel free to write these in first person (I thought this … or I didnt understand that … ); in fact, first person responses are encouraged