This is your chance to analyze a song. Analyze the lyrics of a single song that you feel means something, that might represent who you are and some experiences you have gone through. Your essay will involve not only looking at the theme and meaning of your song, but also looking at the literary devices the artist of your song has used in conveying those feelings.


The goal of this essay is to touch on the important details of song writing and its poetic elements. Your essay must include the following:
    The genre of music and background on the artist and song
    A description of at least THREE literary devices (symbols, metaphor, alliteration, etc.)
    The overall meaning and themes of the song
    The way the song relates to you and your personal experiences

Suggested Structure:

The following model would be a good way to structure your essay:
Introduction: Tell us a little bit about the song you have chosen, the artist who performed the song, and the genre of music that it belongs to

Overall Meaning: Your interpretation of the lyrics of the song, the message that the artist is trying to get across

Specific Lyric Analysis: Choose at least  5 different lines from the song and explain why they are significant to the overall meaning of the song, and what kind of literary devices the artist uses in these sections

How You Relate: Be very clear in telling why you chose this song, what it means to you and why you think it is a message that is important

Conclusion: Summarize all of your above points with an understanding of your song and its importance