By this stage in your life, you most likely have encountered good and bad leaders. For this discussion, please tell us about your favorite leader you have personally know or a favorite leader from history, a novel, or TV/Movie.

Please explain why and give an example of when this leader was at their best or a situation you were impressed by their leadership. Based on chapter 14, what Leadership qualities did this person did this person possess?

no less than 150 words

also, respond to these no less than 80 words

1.When I think of my favorite leader, I think of my team coordinator, Andrea, when I worked for a window company that operated on door-to-door sales. It’s hard to stay motivated in a sales job because you’re constantly having the door slammed on you (which I can understand). My first week I had 0 callbacks from knocking doors and I remember her telling me about how hard her first week was. It was easy for her to relate to me because she still remembers how it is to be an entry-level employee.

That motivated me to do better because everyone who worked at the company told me that Andrea was the best seller they had ever seen and I knew that If I had her as my teacher I could be one of the top sellers at the company. As soon as I sold my first set of windows our team was the top team for the remainder of our duration. The evidence of Andrea being a good leader was that 3 of her subordinates were the top 3 sellers for the Cincinnati branch of the company.

no less than 80 words

2.My favorite leader that I have known would be the CEO of the agency that I worked at when I graduated with my Bachelors degree. My first job was as a medial social worker at a hospice in Cleveland.  Although the leader I am referring to was the CEO of the agency, he was also a social worker by training.  This maybe why I was able to relate to him so well and why I had so much for respect for him.  There were many times that I can think of that I was impressed by his leadership skills. The thing that probably comes to mind the most is how he was able to connect with the staff. He was  very aware of the importance of his staff providing good patient care but also keeping the agency afloat financially.

In thinking back on the the leadership qualities that I read about in Chapter 14, I wold say that this leader was a servant leader. The textbook describes servant leaders as having a strong desire to serve and work for the benefit of others (page 407). This leader was very concerned about his staff, the patients and the community. I learned a lot from this leader and have often thought of him when working with my own staff.