Abstract (200 words)

Introduction (2-3 pages)

Rationale: Explain briefly the topic of your research. What aspect of urban sustainability will be pursued, and why

Significance: Show the benefits, relevance, or advantages that may be derived from your findings and proposed solutions.

Background / Brief Literature Review (3-5 pages) Support your rationale with findings from previous studies and cite only the most significant and relevant sources. Use in-text citations and include the sources in the references list.

Problem statement, objectives, and research  State clearly your main study concern. The problem statement is the reason why the topic is important and relevant. What do you want to know/ change and why?

Methods (1-2 pages): Explain your methodology and case study selection criteria

Findings (4-5 pages): Explain your results and proposed solutions.

Conclusions (1-2 pages). Emphasize your main points. Do not rewrite. Provide an overview or your recommendations.