Select four sources, including at least one literary source from our textbook, that not only address your  social issue but have also been published in the same century (i.e., 1600-1699, 1700-1799, 1800-1899, 1900-1999, or 2000-2019). Some exceptions to this time-period rule may exist; check with the instructor if you have a question about your sources. Your annotated bibliography may include a combination of primary and secondary sources, including:

literary criticism
historical documents
newspaper articles
philosophical treatises
and more.
Entries from dictionaries and/or encyclopedias may not be used. Additionally, At least two sources must be accessed through the library catalogue. The information you provide for these two sources must demonstrate that the sources have been accessed through the library catalogue; this is typically accomplished by including the librarys URL or DOI for the source. Please include this relevant information in the bibliographic entries for these sources; if it is not included, I will assume the sources were not accessed through the library, and the project will lose points.


Each entry in the annotated bibliography should contain information about the publication, formatted according to MLA conventions, as well as a summary of the source. The summary should include the points below.

The title of the source
The author of the source. If information about the author is included, it may not exceed one sentence.
The purpose of the source
The main idea (or thesis) of the source
The key supporting details of the source
In the final draft, a brief introductory paragraph that precedes the four annotated bibliography entries should be included to offer an argument regarding what comment(s) all four sources offer on a social issue of that century.

The 3 stories you will write on are:
1. Reality Built on Myth by John Lovchik
2. Ulrey, Lindsey. Column: Institutionalized Racism Must Be Combatted with Education
3. Racism is a public health crisis by Tamara Holmes