Please select one writing prompt from below:
1. Compare and contrast virtual classrooms vs real classrooms .
2. Compare and contrast a job and a career.
3. Compare a movie based from a book and the book itself.
4. Compare and contrast football Soccer vs another sport.

The essay must follow the following conventions:
1. Five paragraphs at least (550 600 words)
2. The essay MUST use at least three sources
3. APA 7th ed. style formatting, citations, and references
4. Times New Roman, 12-point font
5. One-inch margins
6. Cover page
7. Reference sheet using proper APA format and in alphabetical order; minimum 3 references
8. Running header which includes the title and the page number, only that.
9. ANYTHING taken from the internet must be sourced (referenced); anything copied but not sourced counts towards the plagiarism meter. >20% plagiarism generally means a failing grade.

Research 2-3 articles and a video/TedTalk on your selected prompt