Traditional Teaching
Lecturing can be an effective teaching strategy in learning situations in which you are introducing new content, stimulating interest, summarizing knowledge from several sources, clarifying difficult concepts, and updating the most recent knowledge lacking in a textbook (DeYoung, 2015). While lecture may be the most common traditional teaching method, there are other traditional strategies that have enjoyed prevalence in the classroom environment. For this discussion, imagine you are preparing a one-hour lesson plan for the educational topic and learner population you identified for your Unit 3 assignment.

Select a variety of traditional teaching strategies such as lecture, discussion, questioning, and audiovisuals.

Divide your lesson plan by changing your traditional teaching strategies approximately every 15 minutes using a maximum of four different strategies.

Use references from your unit readings and independent research to support your choices.

You may choose to include this lesson plan in your final project as an appendix.

(you have all the articles for this class already)