Annotated Bib attached as well as all the necessary sources

This course is a double count, meaning that it fulfills the program requirement for the International Business major and the 400-level dialogue course of Justice and Civic Life. An APA style  13-15 pages research paper along with a presentation is required.

It is expected of  each student to use a minimum of 15 scholarly sources (the majority of which must  be dated within the last three years and come from scholarly sources) and organize the paper with abstract, titles, introduction, thesis, topic subheadings and a conclusion. The research paper is a continuation of the annotated bibliography which you did earlier and the finished product of such effort. Here you further develop an  interesting introduction, present a clear thesis that will be further supported by the rest of the paper, polish the rough edges of your subtopics, work on smooth transitioning and finish with a cohesive and compelling conclusion. Here is additional information to consider when writing the final papePreview the documentr.  Make sure you use proper headings and subheadings. and base the paper on the annotated bibliography.