Please answer the questions below: (minimum of 150 words each please)
1. The relationship between humanity and the natural world has been prominently reflected in the artifacts of design for centuries.  Describe the difference between how this dynamic is portrayed within Art Nouveau versus Art Deco historical movements.

2. Postmodernism was a radical, profound, and distinct rebuttal to Modernism in the humanities, art, and design. Discuss the primary philosophical differences between the two movements. (REFERENCE THE WEEK 8 PDF FILE) (Hint 1: Consider what Modernism deemed as the means to move society toward a utopian future. On the other hand, consider the attitude Postmodernism held toward that point of view. Hint 2: There is direct parallel between Modernism v. Postmodernism at large and Denotative v. Connotative typography.)

3.As agents of the status quo, how do Nike and other self-named social change brands operate as double agents in the world of advertising and public opinion?