2) Write a 2-3 page essay answering the following questions: watch two videos

( Be sure to create a cover sheet and works cited page, 2-3 pages of text do not include the cover sheet and works cited page. Use APA format).

What are some surprising things you saw in the video?
What are some inspiring things you saw in the video?
Consider both the development and learning theories discussed in Chapter Four in the Who am I textbook.  Which theories do you believe have influenced Bev Bos?  Name the specific theories as well as what each theory means, in your own words.  Why do you believe she has been influenced by these theories?  What did you observe in the video that makes you choose these theories?
What did you observe in her classroom environment that is related to the theories discussed in the book?  Please be specific about what you saw in the video and how it relates to what you read in the textbook.
Consider the teaching strategies she and the parents describe in the video.  What theories support the use of these teaching strategies?
What is the role of play in a child’s development?
3) Please review the rubric for this assignment so that you know how you this assignment will be graded.