Respond to each prompt with an essay (Guideline: 150-250 words). Your essay must include your reference(s) from your course required readings that support your answer. Be sure to address each topic described in detail.
NOTE: You must cite your sources in proper APA reference. Failure to cite your source(s) for your answer will result in a -0- for the question. Use in text reference in APA format within your essay and fullcitation of each reference following your essay. MUST USE REFERENCES FROM THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS OF THIS POSTED ASSIGNMENT ONLY. NO OUTSIDE REFERENCES. 

Question 1:

Trademark and copyright are distinct types of intellectual property (IP). Using Lessons and Required Readings as your basis, write an essay addressing the following:

1. Explain the difference between trademark and copyright.

2. Briefly describe the legal process for obtaining each under federal law.

3. Provide a real life IP example of each.

You must provide APA in text citations in your essay and full APA citation references at the end. Failure to provide reference sources will result in a -0- for this question.

Question 2:

 FACTS: 19-year-old George meeds funds for his a new invention, Detecto-ET, that will identify extraterrestrial aliens. His rich Aunt Sadie is willing to give him money for college tuition but he knows she will never go for this invention. So he tells Aunt Sadie he has been accepted at Princeton University and needs $25,000 for the first year’s tuition payable in advance. She agrees to give it him but before she pays him, George’s cousin Frank spills the beans at Sunday dinner about the Detecto-ET invention. In the row that follows, George finally confesses he has not been admitted at Princeton. Aunt Sadie is furious and refuses to give George the money.  George claims he had a contract Aunt Sadie for the money and wants to sue her.

PROMPT: Discuss two possible defenses that may be available for Aunt Sadie against George’s breach of contract claim. Use the defenses to contract article within the Judicial Education Center in the required readings. You must properly cite to the article in your essay and provide the full reference in APA format.

You must provide APA in text citations in your essay and full APA citation references at the end.

Question 3:

List the four (4) conditions for a negotiable instrument to be valid under under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). 

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